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    guangdong xin li wan cable co.,ltd. is a modern enterprise specializing in the production of wire and cable. has the most advanced automated production equipment and strong technical force, products strictly in accordance with national requirements specification production, year after year the company was "chinese famous brand", "chinese quality products", "national fire project selected products", "national quality trustworthy product ", and was rated as" quality, service, reputation aaa enterprise "," credible enterprise "," quality management award honors enterprises, "the company's brand and quality has been in the industry in high-end status and future prospects, the company still we will continue to adhere to this position, and to convert its own intellectual property and technological innovation as the basis, to replace imports and increase exports as the goal, to increase investment and upgrading of products in the production intensive and marketization background efforts, efforts to develop china's wire and cable industry, and make unremitting efforts of the company will continue to adhere to the "integrity-based, quality travel the world," the spirit of enterprise, good quality brand philosophy, and constantly strengthen the development of qualified personnel, brand building, propulsion technology innovation, management innovation, the pursuit of excellence in performance, and to provide customers with the highest quality products and most satisfactory services and actively forge ahead!

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    guangdong xin li wan cable co.,ltd

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